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Learn How To Write An Argumentative Speech and Achieve Your Writing Goals

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What Are Argumentative Speeches?

Want to find convincing reasons to persuade your peers? Writing a persuasive speech is as simple as it sounds. There are benefits that come with writing an argumentative speech. First, students can avoid argumentative speeches when there are guidelines on the format and style to follow. An argumentative speech can change the perceptions of a listener and sway them towards your perspective.

A speaker should deliver a persuasive speech to influence an audience to adopt his side of the argument. Different audiences share similar ideas, which creates doubt if the speech can persuade readers to agree with you or disagree with you. Most persuasive speeches need time to convince the listeners, a few months to a year. Knowing the right format and structure for a persuasive speech is very crucial because without it, the speech will not deliver its intended effects.

How To Write A Persuasive Speech

When composing a persuasive speech, the specific details of your delivery should be remembered. Here is a look at how you can structure your speech:


The start of your speech should start with an introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to hook the listeners and remind them of what to expect when listening to your speech. The format for a good introduction should have the audience’s name, the time, and your name if you are an author. Do not write the first lines from the topic statement. Ensure the writing contains a hook, action sentence, and some main points that make the focus of your writing.

Relevant Facts

A well-structured argumentative speech contains factual information to persuade your readers to agree with you. However, ensure there is context for your data to avoid confusing the audience. Your facts should be supported by evidence to sway the readers and convince them to hear your argument. Most professional and high-performing people often use facts in their writing. Ensure you remember that it would help if you did not make a mistake that has the opposite effect.

Thesis Statement

Write a thesis statement for your speech to provide a direction for your writing. However, ensure it is clear and easy to understand. Some students often forget to include this part in their speeches because they hope to convince the audience they have all the facts. Instead of writing the thesis statement, it is best to use an introduction to deliver the intended message.

The Body

Your body is where you prove your argument. As you deliver strong points, make sure you bring the crucial evidence to support them. Each point should have a claim, main argument, and a strong conclusion. Always back up your claims with relevant evidence, scholarly materials, or statistics. Write a strong and efficient conclusion to sum up your points. For strong opinions, ensure you make a conclusion that expounds on your thesis. All your claims must be supported with evidence and supported with a solid plan for how you will make your case convincing. The supporting evidence should not duplicate what you have provided earlier, but it should complement the main point.

Writing an argumentative speech is straightforward with these tips. You can also opt to do it online, which will save you time and allow you to deliver a convincing speech within the stipulated time.

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